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We’re rolling out a new corporate image.

What you do is important, but how you do it is vital.

At Formaspack we have our own unique way of doing things. With the firm intention of upholding another way of envisioning the packaging sector, this 2024 is for us a turning point that has spurred us to revamp our visual image in order to better reflect our objectives, values and ambitions.

Our new logo adapts to current design trends, is simpler and more modern, and reflects our aspiration to continue offering an excellent product and service focused 100% on our customers’ needs. But it’s also a statement of our commitment to society.

Our new slogan: Packing your needs. Packing our future.

Because at Formaspack we don’t just make packaging; we make the packaging that our customers need. Above all, at Formaspack we want to promote a new concept of recycling, giving packaging new life.

    • Because of our commitment to service. We are advisors to our customers, a trusted partner that goes beyond a simple supplier.
    • Because of our ability to adapt. Any size, any volume. We cover any need, always offering high-quality products.
    • Because of our credibility. Our history and our expertise in the sector back us up.
    • Because we go further. We don’t settle for what we do. We recover and exploit waste so as to promote new way of understanding recycling, with a 100% circular rPET process.

A strong commitment to the Circular Economy.

The evolution of our brand image is part of our company’s Strategic Plan for the coming years, in which we have set out to improve our positioning, be more competitive, and become a leader in the recycled PET market thanks to our investment capacity, quality and service.

Investing in the latest technologies and embracing a business policy focused on the circular recovery of PET waste, we offer our customers fully circular packaging solutions that are customized and adapted to meet their needs.

“We work with and for our customers in accordance with a 100% circular business model, with responsibility and commitment, for those who are now here and those who are yet to come.”

Ana Sastre, CEO de Formaspack.

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