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At Formaspack we are committed to excellence in systems designed for quality management and continuous improvement. 

We embrace a comprehensive quality policy, with the implementation of all the necessary actions to ensure compliance with the highest standards in terms of safety and hygiene, as part of a firm commitment by the entire company to both our customers and suppliers.

BRCGS Packaging – Guaranteeing the quality of packaging material

Certification according to the BRCGS packaging standard allows us to demonstrate that our products meet the highest quality and safety standards. 

The BRCGS Standard for Packaging Materials has been designed to protect consumers by providing a common basis for the certification of companies that supply packaging to food producers. With the internationally recognized BRCGS certification, we ensure the quality of our packaging and compliance with the applicable legal requirements. It is a food safety standard recognized by both the FDA and GFSI.


RETRAY Product – Strengthening the Circular Economy model in the PET value chain  

RETRAY Product certification verifies the percentage of recycled material that we incorporate into our products (both trays and sheets), calculated in accordance with EN 15343, as well as compliance with the recyclability guidelines defined by the Ecosense Foundation.

RETRAY is a certification plan to consolidate a Circular Economy model in the thermoformed PET packaging value chain by quantifying amounts of recycled material in packaging and verifying its recyclability. Thanks to RETRAY certification, we guarantee that more than 85% of the raw material that we use is 100% recycled.


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