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More than 25 years of experience prove that our objective is not a pipe dream.

We began setting out to create value for our customers, revolutionizing the recycled plastic sector.
At the age of 20, Luis Sastre founded the first of the three companies he created before launching Formaspack. 
None of them worked. We fell three times…but we got up four.

Formaspack has grown with that same spirit of resilience and a perpetual commitment to achieving new goals.

The more we have grown in the sector, the more we have discovered that we can provide real solutions by offering a fully circular model for the recovery of recycled PET.

Our objective, supported by our ecosystem of companies, allowed us to develop a totally innovative process in the world of recycling.

Our objective

To reduce the impact of packaging and improve people’s well-being by giving plastic waste infinite lives.

How do we do this?

We offer our customers fully customized packaging and sheet solutions, increasing the value of PET waste through its full recovery.

The industry recognizes us as specialists in the recovery and exploitation of plastic waste in the sector.

Packing your needs.
Packing our future.

Putting people at the center of the service we offer. Available 24/7.

Always being on the cutting edge, continuously investing in technology and structure.

Being recycling advisors, and becoming our customers' best partner.

Offering environmentally sound solutions, ensuring our product's circularity.

Our ecosystem to save the ecosystem.

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